United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


3 pages; from envelope inscribed "Dear Father's letters for Frank"


Fort Hamilton June 21. 1863 My dear boy: You must get Sella to read her letter to you about the place where I am boarding. There two boys and two little girls that would make fine playmates for you and Sella and one little boy who would do very well to play with Robbie, but he is hardly big enough. There is funny man boarding there. He goes up to New York every day. One day not long since when he was coming home he found a man in the *cars* with two little pigs in a bag. So he bought one of them and brought it home in his arms like a little baby. Now don't you think that was a very funny caper. The pig has got a pen and his owner likes to see him eat his dinner almost as much as he likes to eat his own. To-morrow morning if I feel pretty well, I'll eat some cherries for you. Do you think that will be as pleasant as to eat them yourself if you were here. But if you were here you couldn't get many unless you could climb the tree and I don't believe you can do that yet. I hope you and dear little Robbie play together without quarrelling and do not give your dear, good mother any trouble. I hope you will try to be the very best little boy in Dayton. Good bye. Father



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