United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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No 11. Fort Hamilton June 18, 1863 My Dear Augusta: Your letter came to hand yesterday accompanied by the journal, I wish I could send you back as pleasant a letter, but I can't write this morning, and would not, did I not think you would be disappointed if my letter failed to come on Saturday or Sunday. I always think a poor letter is better than none at all. There is nothing new around here to write, except that we were visited on Monday by Gen Wood; we fired salute, & had a review and inspection. Old Harvey marched around with me a good part of the time, but never said anything. I invited him & Wood to my quarters to get a drink, but Harvey wouldn't go! Wasn't I sorry!! There is some talk of ordering all families out of the Fort; also, of taking down all the steps leading into the ditch, and all the buildings therein, which would be of itself an order to leave for all families. M *Eliath* is going out any way in a short time, then there will be rebels left but the Chaplain. I don't know where he can go if he were obliged to leave. These *Engineer* officers take great pain to fix themselves up in the most comfortable style, but they don't consult the comfort of others very much. It is rather dull here now, three officers being in the city all day - Capt. *Palue*, Lt Stacey & Harrison. As I see more of them than the other officers I feel their absence more. I hope they will get thro their work in a day or two. I find its no use for me to try to write this morning. So I shall you my dear one, this excuse of a letter. I may write again before Sunday, if anything turns up, or if I should very much like writing. Love & kisses for Sella, Frank & Robbie. Remembrance to all the friends. Goodbye. Thine L.B.B.



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