United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Augusta Forrer--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Dayton O, July 17th 1861 Dear Husband, Mother and I have just returned from a shopping expedition. I am trying to get fitted out so that you will not be ashamed of us, and yet as economically as possible. Some things I cannot get here and will defer till I am in New York. It took my breath away to read your letter this morning (the one Capt *Gilman* dropt into the Columbus office). I supposed of course you were coming home to take us, and cannot help feeling anxious about the journey; and do not like the idea of asking anyone to take charge of us._ I cannot be ready till week after next, I think without making myself sick._ But my dear, are you sure of being at Fort Hamilton even that long? Congress has not yet decided your case, and even if it had, are you not liable to be sent elsewhere to recruit?_ I hope not, for I really want to go to you, although there are somethings I dread very much about the undertaking._ I say nothing about the matter to any one out of this family, and not to the little ones in it, nor to Ernestine as yet. I am waiting to know some thing definite. By the way, I asked you whether it would be necessary to bring a nurse. If it is I have half a mind to ask Ernestine, as she knows Robby and would do better with him on that account. I would rather do without of course if you think it possible. Tell me about this in your next._ Then as to the washing, could a girl do it in the Fort, or would we be obliged to hire it extra? Now don't answer me by telling me to do as I think best for I know nothing of your way of living; whether the children can all eat with us or not; nor whether there will be any chance for us to go on any expeditions out of the Fort, either with or without the little ones. You must think the whole matter over and tell me just what conclusion you arrive at in your own mind. Charley McDaniels told me this evening that Robert had returned. He told Eliza that he would come as soon as Mr. Brady came. I don't know what it all means . Aunt Caroline is expected over tomorrow morning; her visit will be short as she expects to go East in a few days. Aunt Ann Gardner is here now, but I have been unable to see her, as Uncle has the horse. Aunt Lib continues much the same, sometimes quite crazy and excited, at others quiet and stupid._ I find I forgot to send Caleb Smith's letter; I will try to remember it this time. As to sending extracts from the Journal they would be extracts of nothing; as a general thing. Uncle John did talk of sending a newspaper quarrel in which George Hook, is the offended individual; but I don't know whether he found it all or not; will see in the morning._ Agnes Steele made out to take Tea with Sella this evening; and, as for the nails on the fence, they are worse than nothing; I found Sella hanging over them talking to Agnes, some time ago; and today Frank was doing the same thing._ The children all talk of you, and Frank told Ernestine today that he was tired of waiting for you. Good night Darling, I will finish in the morning. _Thursday morn._ What books would you advise me to bring?_ I had thought of Mrs. Child's for one. _*Bobus* is grovelling in bed, half awake and inclined to go to sleep again._ Jere came to see me yesterday all were well at home_. Now do answer my questions fully Dearest. Any anxiety is great at any rate, and I need all the advice you can give me._ Mother, poor absurd Mother, is of course helping me all she can, and I will get ready just as soon as possible. My dresses cannot be made till next week and the week after, so that I #don't believe I could start till the last of week after next, or the first of the week after, about Monday the 5th of August. If I had just a little help I would go, not waiting for any man. Love and kisses from all to you Dearest Augusta.#



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