United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Augusta Forrer--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Dayton O. March 3rd 1861 My morning work is done and I want not to write to you Dearest Husband, but I scarcely know that I can; for all three little ones have already been to me. Robby twice with his baby complaints, and here he is again, Frank too! Robby says you have gone to "Wash" which is the nearest he can come to Washington. I did not feel like going to bed immediately Friday night, so I fought off the cry right bravely and then read the daily paper; then to bed and slept soundly, but felt on waking as if I had sustained some great loss. Breakfast was rather lonely but I went to work as soon as it was over, having first dressed Robby for a run in the yard. Charley "Blangingham" came over and spent an hour very happily with the children. Sella says that when she was taking her miniature over to her Aunt, she showed it to Mrs. V. who showed it to Charley, where upon the young man kissed it. Fervent lover truely! Afternoon._ As I expected, I was constantly interrupted and had to give up writing. Robby is asleep now but will soon wake, then goodbye to my pen again. I very much fear you will be disappointed on Wednesday, for it is raining now and looks as if it would tomorrow, so that I may be prevented from putting this in the Office in time. Ruthy Brady spent the afternoon with Sella yesterday and Mother packed her and us in the buggy in the evening and took her home. there I saw sister and Mary, but learned nothing of importance to communicate. The ride and a good cup of tea relieved me of a bad headache, against which I had battled all the afternoon; and delighted the children of course. Ruthy was greatly pleased with her short ride and observed that our whole family was in the carriage with the exception of "Uncle Luther". Of course you would not have thanked me for wishing you there too, in the crowded state of the vehicle, but perhaps you won't object to my having wished that you were at home awaiting us. It is no use to try to live apart, I should have to follow you I suppose if you ever are wicked enough to go out *west* even. I do not know why but I believe there is a mutual attraction, in spite of my fears concerning my very limited book knowledge I am behind you in everything I believe. I cannot give up the hope that I may yet find the time and health to read and think. This weary fussing unfits me at present for any thing of the kind. Robby misses you, as well as the other children, yesterday he saw the dinner table ready and ran to the window to look for "Papa" immediately, I always tell him to wait till you come and then he shall go to the table. Today he call for you quite loudly, evidently thinking you some way off but not understanding the distance of "Wash." from Dayton. Sella says tell you to write her a letter, which I think would be a good idea, especially if directed to her; be sure however to enclose one to me at the same time, as I am not willing to give up my place entirely, but will put up with a few lines only on that occasion. Frank says, tell you that he is a good boy, which is more or less true. The poor child did not get his pipe till today, Uncle Howard forgot it yesterday. There is Rob! Mamma, Mamma! Now, my dearest, you cannot expect any news from me; as Howard says, you must furnish all the news. and very anxiously we shall look for it from day to day during your absense. I can but tell you of our good health with such additions as the little ones can furnish by their odd little sayings and doings I am sorry now that I took so large a sheet as you will naturally look to have it filled; but I must stop with dear love from all to dear, dear Papa. Good-bye Darling, I earnestly hope you may soon return to your loving wife. Augusta



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