United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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No 7 Fort Hamilton June 3rd 1863 My dear Augusta: I am afraid I am commencing this letter too late for you to get it on Sunday; but as the sooner it is mailed the sooner you will be likely to get it, I shall persevere. - The McElraths celebrated their marriage last night at his fathers, where they have been staying for about a week. They are having their quarters cleaned & painted & moved away while the renovation was going on. A pleasant plan wasn't it. I didn't go to the celebration, was partly because, Mc E. didn't ask me until yesterday, tho' he asked almost everybody else ten days ago partly because I hadn't a well supplied wardrobe, but mostly because I didn't like to under go the trouble. I like her very well and him tolerably and wish them all good fortune, but under the circumstances, I concluded I wouldn't go. *Piper* took Miss Ron and some others in her waggon, but spilled them all, hurting Miss Ron (the *lame* one) a good deal I have heard, but do not suppose at all seriously. They got home about twelve o'clock. - I commenced *boarding* this morning at *Mrs Bigelow's*. First impression not very flattering, - company by no means *attraction*. Mrs. Pell is good looking and quite agreeable, - the rest are old, ugly females, from the landlady down to the foot of the table. They were making the men *cost* $45 a month, which is from $15 to $20 more than it ought to cost. As there was no hope of improving it, *miler* I became *caterer* myself. I concluded I would move my boots. Capt. Putnam went up with me. As I said, however, the impression made on me is not of the most favorable character and I am afraid I shall be obliged to give it up before long. I suppose they lay themselves out on their dinner as they have regular courses, soup fish, *terer*. This I am afraid will be somewhat tedious, if there are no pretty girls at the table to look at or talk to. Lieut *Tracy* died in New York on Wednesday and is to be buried to-morrow with military honors. Lieut Stacey will command the escort. He came home very ill & sank down on the floor as soon as he got in the house. He didn't remember anything since he left Washington. He was one of the Fifth Avenue *sot* which I didn't like very much, but I dare say was a pretty good fellow, for all. - Tell Mary the *Wayflower* book could not be found nor the other either, the title of which I forget. I don't think I ever felt cheaper in my life than when I went into the book store the other day, to inquire about them, but to save my life could not remember the titles! I got a letter from Robert in which he said he *wd* get the *Jewett* note with *yr* Uncle John and go over it, but from the tone of it, I don't think he intends to put himself to the *leech* trouble about it. - I thought I should have written to the children before this but some how have not yet succeeded in setting myself to the work. #*Parson* Burke retains the *casemate*. Mrs O.'s children squall as much as ever but they annoy me into day time. At night the parson begins and indulges in some very sonorus groaning, I haven't yet learned to distinguish which groans are *seemingly* & which *truly ovlouous* Goodbye dear one. Take good care of your self and the children to whom I send love & kisses. I sent a $100 check in my last.#



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