United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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No 6. Fort Hamilton May 31. 63 My dear Augusta: We have had a grand review and inspection today, which kept us in full fig for an hour this morning. Happily there came up a shower this afternoon which put a stop to the evening *parade*. Having read until two o'clock this morning + slept this afternoon to make up for it, I didn't feel very much like parading and of course was rather grateful than otherwise for the shower. It is generally understood here about *that* Harrison and Mary S. are engaged. I am sorry he is not going to get a better helpmate, for I think him a very good fellow and worthy of a much better wife. Mr Vanderpool came down to chew fat this morning + came to see me. While sitting before my quarters the Brigadier Brindle came along and got into quite a conversation with him but he didn't see me. What bad eyes he must have, poor fellow! I sat, cocked up in my chair, reading Harper's Weekly with as much nonchalance as if I didn't care a fig for the *temp? feelinly*. I don't believe he did either so we are *fairly quily*. *Four* companies have been ordered away from Fort Richmond and it's said that one of my companies is to be sent to New York for provost duty. I have read official information on the subject, but if there is any truth in it, I shall probably know in the morning. It is a mistake about Mr Vanderpool having rented his house. He had the renting of Mrs. Bruen's house and some how the story grew out of the fact that he had rented her house that he had rented his own. He told me this morning that Mrs. V had about made up her mind some time ago to have the house rented and to spend the summer at their house in Hamilton County. But he says she is extremely averse to such a movement now. - I don't see enough of the people here to have any news to write. - We have a very good joke on DuPont. *Tom.* Church's little boy (or girl) says when asked who swears at the soldiers DuPont! That snorting gentleman is by no means pleased with the precocity of the juvenile. Some evenings since some ladies told Capt Patterson to ask the child who swears at the soldiers without intimating to him what the answer would be. The first chance he had he asked the question. and was so much amused at the unexpected answer that we all soon knew of it. DuPont was visibly *shaken* but undertook to defend the practice as necessary in Light Batteries! It was very amusing to see the young gentleman trying to extricate himself from the unfortunate situation. I shall try to write to Howard this week. To-morrow I mean to go to town the first time since the week you left. *Charly* Sean came around yesterday to see the review. We met some time since when I conveyed your thanks to him for the flowers and asked the name of the salvia you admired so much. He said he couldn't think of the name but promised to send me some slips which I could send out to you in a letter. Yesterday he renewed the promise & said he would send them around this week. His mother is better I believe but don't know how much. Harrison and Mary S. are to be married in about two months, I hear. Mr Mc E. who by the way sends love, told me that he went up to see Sally Vanderpool about some remarks she had made about the match & got up quite a scene, but when she learned that I had not heard of it, she refused to give me the particulars. Mary V. has not reached home yet. She wrote that she would be down on Tuesday, but she did not, and they have heard nothing of her since. Her father is going up to-morrow to see what is the matter. -- I enclose a check for $100 which I hope will enable you to keep the pot boiling awhile. - Have you found out why Col. Anderson resigned. Write about the other officers who have gone out & tell me what you have heard about them and where they are. June 1. - I kept this open till this morning, thinking I might possibly get a letter from you & have some thing more to say. As I didn't I send it to the office. Write often dearest for your letters are exceedingly welcome. Love to the little ones and your self. Goodbye. L.B.B.



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