United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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Written during my visit home [in upper right of letter; probably written by Augusta] Fort Hamilton Nov 21, 1862 a mistake in date [written in pencil below date] Dear Augusta: Yours of the 23rd reached me this morning. If you wrote, as you promised, immediately upon your arrival, the letter has failed to reach me as yet. Things are jogging along quite in the old style. Col. B. hasn't got over his "tight" yet, and still talks of telegraphing Bob, to whom he sends his kind regards. You had better say nothing about his condition and habits, except within a very narrow circle, from which it will be impossible for it to leak out. He is a very good, kind-hearted old man and I prefer throwing the mantle over his little peccadilloes, to holding him up to ridicule. This frolic has lasted a week and he seems quite as likely to go on a week longer as not. Capt. Arnold is going with Gen. Banks a Chief of Artillery and *Rawle* will probably go in command of the Battery. Capt. A. has got DuPont's best bugler from him, greatly to his disgust. He tried to get Gen. B. to countermand the order assigning him to the Battery, but Gen. B. said he had refused Capt. A. a great many things, and that now he intended to do all he could now to help him. D.P. is down on *on* the Battery. -- Our court martial adjoined for good to-day. There is talk of another to be convened soon at Fort Trumbull, New London, but what foundation there is for it I do not know. If one is called I may possibly be detailed on it, but that, too, is uncertain. I should like to visit that old town, but would have preferred a pleasanter season of the year. Bruen's Neck, you know is one of the classic places in our family history. The box didn't leave here until Monday morning, but has reached its destination, probably, before this. I hope it will arrive all right._ I will inquire about Mary's book to-morrow, if I go to town as I expect to._ Where has Robert been? You don't say. Tell him I have been expecting to hear from him for a long time. Blow him up for me. Give my love to the sisters. Did you take all the colored photographs with you, but mine? I haven't seen them, tho' I have made no especial search for them._ I saw Mr. *Van derpall* the other day; he told me Mrs. V. was as bad as ever. I haven't seen anybody else of your acquaintances except the Stampers and with them I had no conversation._ With the departure of the Battery we shall lose Mrs. McE. and Mrs. A. which will leave you and Mrs. Lay the only ladies in the Fort. We shall therefore have less society than we have had during the summer. We shall lose three officers also. Maj. Clitz, I am informed intends to move to have the Head Quarters of the regiment transferred to West Point. I doubt whether he makes the application at all, and doubt still more whether it will be granted if made. I do not know how it would affect me. I believe I told you in my last, that Maj. Smith had been ordered to the field. There seems to be an universal impression that he won't go. I have heard that he was telegraphed six weeks since to go but he has not left yet. His family has been expecting him sometime at Philadelphia._ Emma desires to be remembered to the children. She wished me to tell Robby not to forget him. She is doing as well as I could ask. Every thing is as pleasant as it can be without you and the children. All my wants are promptly attended to and generally attended to. We are getting fixed up mighty fine. Men have been painting the storm-doors and windows for the last few days and we are looking as clean and neat as possible. We have a new fender for the parlor fire and #a new grate for the dining room. So, I think we shall be able to keep comfortable this winter. Kiss the dear little ones for Papa and distribute my love all around as lavishly as you choose. Ever thine L.B.B.#



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