United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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Ft Hamilton August 19th 1961 I have been hoping every day, my dear Augusta, that I should get leave of absence and be able to go home and see you. It does not, come, however, & I can not tell, whether it will come at all, or when, so I have set down to write you a line to keep you from getting uneasy. I am so disappointed & disgusted that I am in no mood for writing so you need not expect much from me at this time. I have rented a woman here for $7 per month, who comes with the highest recommendation & who kind and careful with children. Her wages commence on the 1st *pureisne*, and she will go to the house then & commence putting things in order. It was better to hire her for another reason in addition than I have already urged, namely, if we should not have the pleasure of living there so long as we now hope to, we should avoid the heavy expense of transporting Ernestine from & to Dayton. And if you & my woman get along as well as I think you will you may perhaps be able to induce her to accompany you home. I saw Mr DeGraff today in the city; he says he thinks he will be able to leave there next week. He is in excellent health, & gave me the run of his room, taking advantage of his kindness I took a warm bath in it. Mr Canse was down to see me on Sunday. He only stayed a few minutes. I was right glad to see him. Gen Shaw also came down one day last week. I had gone out a sailing and did not see him but a few minutes altho' he was here a couple of hours, I regretted absence very very much. By the way why didn't you come with him. He would have been good company, I suppose. I won't write any more , for I haven't any thing in particular to say and as I said before I am in no mood for writing. I still hope I may start tomorrow with the mail which carries this letter & see you before you see it, but I am afraid I may not & I don't want you to be weary about my non-appearance. If I get leave I shall leave as soon as I can after I receive it; if I don't I will write you to pack up your things & I will meet you at Pittsburgh. Good bye dearest, Give my love to all who appreciate it. Thine as ever Luther



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