United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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[Letter head: Image [PHILP & SOLOMONS, WASHINGTON.] TREASURY.] Washington, Wednesday March 29, 1861 I sit down, duck-lucky, to give you a short letter, by the afternoon mail, a pious practice which I intent to follow while I remain here. I am in a complete [mundole] about Schenck. Robert Corwin told me, that S. said to him last night that he had come on here expressly to have Corwin appointed. But I saw Rod. Mason who was at Caleb's last night while Schenck was there & he says S. told Caleb, that his personal preference was for Mr F. . Mr Henkle who dined with us once you remember, told me that Schenck said to him, while on their way here, that it did not matter much difference to him whether Mr F or C. was appointed. If such be the real opinion of S. I think I can get the nomination for Mr. F. _ I saw Mr Chase this morning & also yesterday. He will do all he can for us, if the appointment lies between Mr F & C. He took me into his room while from thirty to fifty persons were waiting to see him & we had a full talk on the subject. While I was with him, he wrote a not to the P.M. Gen. I remained til the answer came back & then Mr C. promised to see the Pres. if he could. This morning he told me he had seen him, but that the paper could be found. He told Mr Lincoln that he waited to have a conversation with him upon the subject, which was all he could do. I like Chase better than ever for his candid and kind treatment of he me. We were all disposed to be down on him at first, but I am convinced that we did him injustice. I rec'd John's letter with Price's letter to Blair but the paper had been made up & I could not get it into his hands, the other letter I left together with Price's with the 1st Asst P. M. Gen this morning. He said he would put them with the other paper if he could. I didn't get a letter from you this morning, so I have had a blue time of it so far. I hope I shall get one tonight. _ Goodbye dearest Luther



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