United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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[Letter head: Image [PHILP & SOLOMONS, WASHINGTON.] CAPITOL.] Washington March 22, 1861 My dear Augusta: Yesterday I went to Mount Vernon, & altho' the day was very windy and raw I had a good time. On my return I found a note from Mr. Chase, requesting me to call and see him that morning. As I received it too late to go yesterday, I went to day, and had a talk with him about the P.O. He was very frank and I believe sincere. He told me that his first choice was Green, who had always been faithful to him and had done him much service; that I been a candidate he should have gone for me, he said, and if the contest was narrowed down to Mr F. & Comly he would go with us. He said he did not know how the P. M. Gen. would be affected to Mr. F. but if he found he was against him he would suggest my name and strongly urge my appointment. It may possibly be necessary to make this change of front, but I don't intend to do it, unless success appears very doubtful without. The word this morning is that Robert is to be appointed Chief Justice of Nebraska _ A very good place, with a most promising outlook, but I am afraid [A.] has not energy enough to turn it to a good account. _ John's letter by express has not reached me yet, I presume it will reach me this evening. It is not a good way to send a letter, for I think they go to Bathmore & lay over twelve hours, and when they reach here the delivery is not so prompt as at the P.O., nor is it much more safe. __ I am going now to have a consultation with Robert about the P.O. Mr Chase said he would try to see the P. M. Gen to day & Schenck will probably be here tonight; so the fight will soon set in. _ Mr Chase offered me a place in his Department, and said he would do anything for me that he could. Evening I believe I never said anything to you about meeting Mr. Dilano here. He has been a clerk in the Caucus Bureau, but resigned & started for the South. His health is bad & he looked miserably, but what was worse he is a decided secessionist. I saw Robert this afternoon and had a talk with him about the P.O. He was inclided to think it would be better for me to file an application for myself, but we concluded to do nothing until Mr Chase had seen the P. M. Gen. He told me this morning that he should try to see him today & I will call upon tomorrow to see. It will be three o'clock before I can learn anything about it. Schenck will be here on Tuesday, and the Dayton P.O. will be disposed of very soon thereafter, I suppose. _ I shall call upon Mr Sherman our new Senator in the morning and see how he stands affected towards us. I had a talk with him some time ago, but he did not arrive at any definite conclusion on the subject, nor did I learn how he leaned, if he had my preference._ If Judge Hagner woudl go to Mr Stoddard he might get him to write a letter to Sherman infavor of Mr Forrer, altho' he has written for Wareham who has no chance. Put this idea in your uncle John's head as soon after you get this as possible, for the letter can be got the sooner it is on its way the better. I shall stay here, possibly until the last of next week, tho' I pray a conclusion of this matter may be reached sooner. To go away now, leaving things uncertain would be to throw away all the labor and money we have invested in the P.O. business. It is absolutely necessary, therefore, that I should stay here. I think I shall grow so sick of Wash. as to never desire to see it again. At any rate, it will be a great while before I shall feel like leaving you and our dear little ones again. Take good care of them till I return, when I hope having prospered in my mission, we shall enjoy a long season of *so much* happiness. _ Tell mother and the rest of the family except John Howard, that one cake is most likely to prove dough, tho' I shall not give the thing up entirely until I learn that the nomination has been sent in & confirmed. Love and kisses to every body, especially Mary & the children, and thy own dear self Luther I got John's letter tonight



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