United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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[Letter head: Image [PHILP & SOLOMONS, WASHINGTON.] SMITHSONIAN.] Wednesday March 20th 1861 I received your letter of Sunday, my darling, this morning and was very sorry that you did not enjoy the pleasure of hearing from me on that day, as I did from you. You have received one or two good long ones from me this, I hope, which will help to make you forget your disappointment. - I have just finished a letter to John Howard, in reference to our affair here. There was not much to say in addition to what I said yesterday. _ *Can't* Jerry we got to do something _ let him get a letter from Joe & from Mr Davies & write to Mr. Schenck. It will require all the influence which can be brought to bear to enable us to succeed. Stir him up to do something. Let him get a letter from Pat Brown & from Brown & Irwin. If he can't do anything better let him send old Abe a barrel of oil _ the treasury is low and I have no doubt be would like some help in keeping his light houses going like Chase can borrow some money for him. Don't let him rest until the *obscured* has been given to somebody. What is written on the other page, I wrote this morning. I stopt there because I had nothing in particular to say, and also because I wanted to see whether the mail this evening would bring me anything. It did not; so I am at my table to conclude this, whether it chances to be long or short. _ Robert is trying to be appointed Chief Justice of Nebraska. I don't think he will succeed. He found he had no chance for the Marshalship, hence his change of position. I think it very doubtful whether he gets anything for himself. He has chosen to put in his lot with the opponent of Mr Chase and I am afraid he will suffer for it. There was no occasion for doing so, and I was very sorry he did it, for his opinions agree more nearly with Gov. Chase's than with those of the political clique he has identified himself with. Carther who expected to be Governor of Nebraska has been disappointed I learn thus *? that* place having been given to Gen Nye of New York. _ The action of the caucus at Columbus may determine the length of my stay here. If Schenck is successful or otherwise, he will probably make his appearance here very soon & then the Dayton P.O. question will be likely to have a *obsured* settlement. I think it will be better for us to have it delayed a while till we can get a few more letters; but I shall not be sorry to have things take their time. I S. comes here, Senator or not, & whether he is positively for Mr F or not, I think I can manage it so or have the appointment come to our side. I shall try very hard any way. You will excuse me my dearest if I stop here, I know; because I have nothing that would interest ou to write about. So I will bid you good bye. Love & kisses to the children & every body who would like to have them. *Yours* L.B.B.



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