United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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Washington March 19 My dear, good wife: I wrote you this morning & here I am setting down to give you another installment of my scribbling. _ Robert and D K Carter had a talk with the P. M. Genl. about the P.O. In the course of the conversation, Mr Blain said something about the impropriety of appointing old men to office. Whereupon Carter said Mr Forrer was sixty years younger than Bill Comly! Robert stated the case as strongly as he could. I don't think the P. M. G's attention had been called to the subject before. I don't think it probable that anything will be done for sometime. In the meanwhile we must strengthen our position as much as we can. Urge John Howard to get the letter I wrote to him for this morning as soon as possible. By the way you must read all I say about the P.O. to him_ Get Mr Forrer to ask D Peck to write a letter to Mr. Chase. I have no doubt he would willingly do so and C. would pay some attention to it. Tell Mr Forrer he must throw aside his modesty and make use of his friends. Modesty is clean out of date in this city. We must have all the wires working or we shall fail. Get a letter from every acting & influential business man who will write one. I think it better that our family say a little about our prospects on what we are doing or possible. There is nothing like silence. I don't tell all I know here even to my most intimate & trusted friends. Nothing can leak out so long as nobody knows it but yourself. Several men have been disappointed here because they let the cat out of the bag. We must profit by their experience. Let me hear from you constantly. Letters from you & my pictures are all that make my stay here endurable. Goodbye dearest Luther



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