United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


2 pages; dated "Monday morning"


[Washington, March 19, 1861] Monday morning I was much disappointed this morning in not getting a letter from my darling wife. I received one with the writing of John Howard on the back, but it proved to be a letter from S. M. Sullivan in reference to the P.O. & a very good letter for our side, it is. If I don't get a letter from you this evening I shall go to bed with the sulks, or else revenge myself by writing you a good long one. My topics are pretty much exhausted, however, & unless something new should turn up, I will not have anything to write about. I issued my order to you to write to me every day until I give you some definite information as to my departure._ As soon as the telegraph announces that the appointment has been made, you may set it down for certain that I have left or am about to leave. If Mr F. gets it and the nomination is made by Thursday (as I do not believe it will) I can reach home on Saturday, otherwise not. If it should be made on Friday or Saturday, I think I will leave here for Philadelphia as soon as I learn it. If I left on Friday, I could leave Phil on Sunday night & be home on Tuesday morning at 6 o'clock_ if on Saturday, I would probably not leave until Monday night & reach home, accidents excepted on Wednesday morning. But we must remember in all our speculations that wise saying of Solomon, "doubtful things are mighty uncertain. _ Now go and kiss the children twice round on my account & then I'll put this in the P.O. _ Goodbye, love, _ Luther



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