United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Augusta Forrer--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


4 pages ; + sheet with inscription: "I'll send your blank sheet back to you, for the same purpose for which it came to me."


Dayton, March 26th. 1861 Dear Luther, Robby is here inquiring about my writing. "Papa? Papa?" "Papa, ome, Wash, "are the corrected remarks, out of which I get the following. "Waiting to Papa? Papa's in Washington tell hime to come home. He is very concised you see, perhaps from necessity only, however. Now I don't expect you to get this letter, my dearest, but you insist upon my writing till your departure is definitely fixed upon. _ I am happy that my letters have done you so much good, though they seemed to me to have so little in them, that I scarcely know why you like them so well. Yet I know how I treasure up even a little business note from you when sent from your office; absence for so long a time greatly enhances their value of course. This case can be disposed of on the principles of Love. Uncle John brought me two letters from you, and his own also. In one of mine you say tell every body but John Howard &c. &c., well, by good luck I read the letter to him this time; (I have almost always handed them to hime to read before;) so that he did not see the remark. Of course the business will be settled before this reaches Washington so that I need say nothing about that. It's too troublesome to think of anyhow so I shall be glad when the thing is disposed of, no matter how. I do hope though that you will not feel too badly if the decision is adverse, for you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have done all and more than any other member of the family would have done. We all agree in wishing you and Father safely home again to make our happiness complete. Sella says tell you that I pulled two teeth for her yesterday. I am very sorry they were not taken out before, as the new ones had already made their appearance behind the old ones. My last letter confirmed the sad news you heard from Mr. Rouser about the Brown children. Mrs Brown's friends have great fears for her also; her health has never been good and this blow is a terrible shock to her. The children are around me and I am sitting by the window in my room. Rob is putting his "peet" on Sella, and threatens my paper also. I am finding the quarters rather close, and am afraid shall have to effect a clearance very soon. The child at Schaeffer's was thought to be better yesterday. Poor Uncle John! I went to see him yesterday about my marketing he sat with his back towards me eating his dinner, so that I did not particularly observe him; Aunt Ann however noticed that something was wrong and followed him and me out on the porch, anxiously inquiring what ailed him? He was too much affected to answer at first but we finally found that Minnie DeGraff had asked him where Johnny was. He wept bitterly some time, but when thus relieved walked home with me conversing about business matters. Aunt Ann thinks they will be likely to go to California when Willie is through with his collegiate course. And she too is now willing to go she thinks. I hope they may feel better about it before the time arrives. Mrs. Brady and Eliza came to see me Sunday evening. E. had heard from Robert that morning he spoke of returning Sunday or Monday, but she did not seem to expect him before the last of the week. Perhaps however, she was trying to make an agreeable surprise for herself. She seemed almost 'blue' and was very anxious for his return._ Just you get home once and I'll tie a string to you just long enough to reach to the Office, possibly to the outskirts of the tower, and that far but no farther shall you go. Indeed you'll be tied to a woman's apron string after this!!! Rob has been for the fifth or sixth time to be kissed. I wish I could give you half of them. Goodbye for a short time my dear Husband Augusta I'll send your blank sheet back to you for the same purpose for which it came to me.



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