United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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Washington March 9th 1861 My Dear Wife: Mr. Schenck had a conversation with Mr. Lincoln, and I think from what he tells me that our chance is very good. Mr. S. has gone to Columbus to try to get himself elected Senator & I hope he may succeed. But there is no telling how it will end. I am getting very tired of this town and would like to leave it, but I don't think I shall be able to leave until some time next week. In any event, I shall come home by the way of Philadelphia, probably, or by the way of Harrisburg. The Baltimore and Ohio RR. in my opinion is not a very safe one; at any rate, it is not very pleasant to travel on and I shall not go over it again unless compelled to do so. You have no idea how windy and dusty it is here. The streets are full of dust all the time so that you cannot go out without being covered with dust. It penetrates the houses and in the windows of the stores until everything looks brown. There is a very tempting array of beautiful things in their windows, which make me frequently wish I had the means of buying. I went thus' the Capitol to-day. There has been at least ** expenditions of many whether it has been accompained with an equal amount of taste is a question about which there is a great diversity of opinion. It would give me great pleasure to spend the evening at home instead of the theater or running from one hotel to another to see people. Give my love to Sarah, Frank & Robby and kiss them as often as you please on my account. you keep all your * * don't need for yourself. Goodbye good wife, Luther



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