United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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Washington March 8th My Dear Wife: Things are in such a state here, that I intend to go to New York to-morrow morning. I shall probably be back here on Tuesday, on Wednesday at any sake. Tom will be greatly astonished to learn that Crafts Wright and I have had a reconciliation. A friend from Cin-ti invited me to go to his room at Willard's. We went to his room and he went to the office to get the keg. When he came back he was accompanied by C. J. Wright. I remarked to a friend when he came in sight that here was a *ad* embarrassment. Crafts when he came up, gives me his hand & we talked first as if I did not think him a scoundrel. After we had talked for an hour or so, he left & as I was going he invited me to go out and talk him with a few minutes. I went and he asked me to bury the hatchets. I told him I was willing to do so. Where upon he invited me to go to his room to see his wife. I consented and soon after I called at his room, Mrs. Wright welcomed me with a kiss and we had a long and good talk. At the conclusion she and Crafts invited me to call and see them at the old place just as we used to do! Mrs Morris has been at Cin-ti the last two or three years. Morris broke up & down in 1857, taking with him a good deal of L.J.W.'s property._ *Carrie* Crafts is married and living in a log cabin. Mrs. W. gave me a rich account of her experience in her cabin which I will tell you when I come home. I can't tell any thing about the *post* office now. When I come back I shall try to tell you something definite, if anything of that sort is to *e* land in this city of Magnificent *dayton, Oh*. Love to all the little ones who are gathered about your knees to night and particularly to *soundly*-Thine L B Bruen



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