United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Augusta Forrer--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


4 pages; + envelope


[On Envelope] Miss Sarah Bruen Care of Samuel Forrer Esq. Dayton Ohio June 14th, 1864 Papa has a little of this note paper left, and I intend writing letters to you, and Frank and Robbie, on it. You first because you are the oldest and have been good enough to write me a letter. Then will come Frank's turn, and lastly Robbie's. Dear Baby will not care to hear from Mamma, so she will have to wait for her letter till she is old enough to care for such things. Once you were like her, all you wished for was to be warm and comfortable with plenty to eat. You did not know right from wrong, and we did not expect you to; but now it is quite different, you are learning every day to see the difference and must always try to do the right way, no matter how little a thing it is. For instance when little brothers ask you a question, the right way for you to do, is to answer them immediately, cheerfully, and exactly the wrong way, is for you to wait a long time till they get out of patience, speak crossly and tell them just as little as possible about what they want to know. Think how you like to be answered and do that way yourself to every body in the house and out of the house. Never allow yourself to speak or act disrespectfully to any one older than yourself, and to your companions speak quietly. I do not wish you to let them impose upon you but do not get angry with them. Tell them quietly what you want and if you are very sure that you right, and they won't give up, leave them, but remember that you must not show any anger; only say "well girls we cannot agree, so we had better not play together just now" or something like that. When they find you will not quarrel with you, they will soon stop trying to, and you will thus become a peacemaker. While I wish you to be firm and not give up when they are doing anything wrong, I don't want you to be selfish. If the quarrel is simply as to which little play it shall be, you can very easily give up your desires to them sometimes #and they will be all the more ready to give up to you another time. I intended to tell you all about Papa but my paper is full. I will write a few lines to Grandma which you can give her. You can say that Mamma thinks Papa is doing as well as possible. Now my little girl must write soon again and tell us what she and little brothers and Mary are doing, let me hear that all are trying to be good. Your Loving Mother#



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