United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Augusta Forrer--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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May 21st 1864 Dayton O. May 21st 1864 Dear Husband, Your note from the Wilderness only arrived this afternoon and came along with yours of the 18th. I am delighted to hear of the comfortable quarters into which you have been placed. Fielding and Lizzie both say that Douglas Hospital is the finest in Washington, and *Field* said he would rather be in it than the best Hotel in the country. At first I felt as if I would rather have you in Philadelphia, but am now afraid to have you move too soon. Robert seemed to think you had better go to Luther rather than travel too soon. Think of it all and don't hazard any thing. Mary has just been in with a bridle that she has been making for the boys. The reigns are scarlet-fastened to a waistband of blue on which white stars are worked, six little bells are fastened to the lower edge, and it is buttoned around the waist with a military button. I have been writing to Mary Vanderpoel who showed so much interest in you as to threaten me with thinking of marriage when she should hear of my being in very delicate health. - I thought she would wish to hear of your condition. Is Capt. Anderson wounded; I saw that Ring and Dunn were. What have you learned in regard to Capt. Low? *Mart* Brady seemed to think that he was badly hurt. - I am sitting in our parlor with Baby asleep in her wago*, Sella having put her to sleep while Mary and I were walking. I am tired and shall put my letter away till tomorrow. Good night dear one. Sunday Evening - Jere took me out to his house this morning with Sella and the Baby; which was a pleasant change from the hot town air. For *Peireo*, *Dan Davies* and his sister Julia drove out in the evening; as did Albert *Gardener* and Mary *Forrer*. I have never told you that a second cousin made his appearance here just after your campaign began. He is *an* old man *?* cousin to Luther and bears the same name greatly to Sella's indignation! He was here once before and we were inclined to like him, not knowing till some time after he was gone how meanly he had acted at Uncle's. He had means but was always "sponging" so they told us; went off leaving his washing bill for them to pay. Well, as I said he made his appearance a short time since, and we thinking he was a *unclear* man were glad that he had escaped from Virginia, although we didn't know how he was to be kept, as neither *unclear* or Father was able to bear any additional burden. He is a Drunkard and said he was going out to the meeting at Hagarstown Indiana, whither he has gone as ragged and dirty as he came. The old scamp began spouting treason as soon as he came around, both at Uncle's and in the neighborhood and raised a great deal of bad feeling. They want to get rid of him, but don't like to say so to him and am hoping that Luther will send him off if he does return. I am afraid they will all be too mealy-mouthed about it and let him worry them all summer. The Presbyterian Assembly is in full blast. I have not yet been able to attend any of its meetings - but latest news of Howard was to the 11th but they had done but little fighting then. Oh when will we all march daily around our own friends? And when will the present campaign be likely to end. It is late and nothing more to tell you either. - Keep us advised as to your health. Is there any danger of a loose joint in consequence #of covered seered? Don't travel too soon, but come to us as soon as it is safe. I am afraid we are too crowded to be as comfortable as I could wish but home is the best place after all. Much love to you from all. Good bye dearest. A.#



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