United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Augusta Forrer--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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May 19th Not received Dayton O. May 19th.1864 Dear Husband Last evening yours of the 13th, written before you were wounded came to hand, and this evening the note written after you had received the wound.The first would have made me very sad, if I had not already heard of your arrival at Washington. The last, I fear, was written while you were in pain; but it was comforting to know that you were not entirely disabled, and could write a few lines.I have great faith in arnica, and wish you would ask your surgeon how it will do to keep your bandages saturated with it either strong or diluted with water. It can be poured on at any time without removing the bandage and is very cooling. Aunt Ann once severed an artery near the lower joint of her little finger and at the same time cut the inside of her thumb, with glass; she kept it wet with strong arnica, the wound did not suppurate and she says the Doctor said it healed in an unusually short time. You will be careful, now won't you? I am afraid you need me to watch you, and wish you were at home, yet do not wish you to risk anything by making too great haste to come.I am going to fix up our "quarters" and will get new matting; I have patched till I can patch no longer, and now that I am going to have so grand a visitor won't put up with the rags.If you cannot go up and down stairs we will put you in the parlor as we did poor Howard last summer. *Spragne's* brigade was in the battle at Resaca but Father thinks the 63rd was not the the part engaged. The Colonel had command of three regiments when Howard last spoke of it. It would be a relief to have Howard out even if in your situation; *oh* how thankful I am that you are not in these last battles; yet I suppose soldiers like to be in at the glorious end, and feel repaid for their toil when the victory is won. But this risk is too great, and the suspense hard to bear; may our suffering country men and women, soon rejoice in glad reunions, the Rebellion being forever put down! I don't think I told you of the death of Wilson Drake; he died a few days ago of consumption. The "Empire" died out tonight. The hands would not work for it as the other establishments gave much higher wages; I understand the funds were not sufficient; which is a healthy sign. Sophronia Lewett told me today that she read an account of some New Church proceeding in which Willard Day rooted against some loyal resolutions introduced by Giles Richards. She says they were very moderate in tone and anyone only half loyal could have subscribed to them. I don't care about seeing any of that family again! Morning - All well - Write soon and Goodbye Dearest. Augusta



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