United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Augusta Forrer--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Dayton O. May 2nd 1864 Dear Husband, I have looked at my book and my pen, and wondered which to use tonight, have concluded to write a little, and read afterwards if my eyes are strong enough; they trouble me some lately. Mary and I were just starting out this afternoon when I saw Sella and *Ralie* coming with some man in tow; Sella rushed at me as if she had grand news and announced that was Dr. Warder. He came up shook hands and inquired when I had heard from "Luther." Said he had met and been "charmed with" my little girl, and had walked along with her. I invited him in, but was glad he declined, as I think he was more than slightly drunk! He asked after Father and desired to be remembered to you both. While we were talking Charley Anderson came along, and was very familiarly greeted by the Doctor, who finally left with him but Charley I suspect wanted to be rid of him, at any rate he went into Mr. Odlin's. Sella says she met him, and he asked her who she was, and upon learning he kissed her and accompanied her home; she evidently had been entertaining him as fast as possible, for which I lectured her, as she is entirely too communicative. I recollected today that I had none of your hair, at least none lately cut, and I wish you would send me some even if it is short, in your next letter. Do not forget this request My Best One; I wish each of the children, even little Mary to have some, and as this is the most eventful year of our lives, it is a good one in which to take it. I have the hair pin, but you know I always professed to be doubtful about its being of your hair because the grey ones are missing, so send me some of the real grey! Sella told me tonight that her "foot was griped!" She asked me the meaning of griped, and I being sick at the time only said "in pain", so she thought it was any pain. I saw the death of Homer Ball's wife noticed in last week's paper. Did I ever tell you that Dick Corwin had married a third time. The lady is said to be handsome, accomplished, and young enough to be his daughter. An eyewitness of the ceremony said that as soon as it was performed, he caught up the Bride's veil and gave her a kiss, calling her "Mrs. Corwin". May I say Old Fool? When we came from Cincinnati at the time "The Heart of the Andes" was there, he told me very pathetically of the illness of his first wife, how anxious both had been but he hoped and believed she was much better. His looks belied the idea, but I gave him credit for being a devoted husband. Next you found him in New York with a second wife, then her death followed, and touching tidbits to her memory. That was winter before last; last winter came the third marriage! I have spent more time on him than he deserves however. It is ten o'clock and Mary is waking I think so goodnight Dearest One. Tuesday night -- The children were anxious to see Miss Spere married so I took them to the church this evening. The pulpit was handsomely dressed with flowers and all passed off pleasantly. Two letters came this morning, one containing the sweet little "nosegay"; the other the "three cent piece. You ask the etymology of nosegay; Webster says "nose, and Celtic geac a bough". Lib thought the little blue flower was the *Housatonia*, and as there were whole plants of it I cut off two roots, and having wet them put a glass over them to see if they could not be revived enough to plant. The nosegay is fastened #on paper and put away with the rest of the flowers you have sent. Before this reaches you, you will have received letters, telling all I know of Robert and your chances, also that the $50 is *moulding* - the $20 safe. Addy Spencer ran off and entered the gunboat service, was taken sick with Typhoid fever and came near dying. Jane went down and nursed him and Mr. Odlin brought them both home a short time since. The poor boy is far from well, and quite cured of all remaining propensities.What was this idea of which you propose to make something if you are spared to us? You must be more explicit with me.# #Never received#



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