United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Augusta Forrer--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Dayton March 19th. 1861 Dear Husband, You should have seen our family meeting this morning. Howard brought me your letters of the 14th and 15th before breakfast, which reading them Uncle John came in with his, and to see mine. A few more minutes brought Mother then Mary and soon after Lib. The duplicity of the illustrious gentleman was freely discussed, and I am afraid silently 'unsaid'. Uncle John was much inclined to go to Columbus, but I have not learned what he decided upon. I suppose we must give up all hope, but we are all so angry that the string of the dissappoinment is considerably lessened. As for taking up with the offer from Howard, he simply would not do it, nor would we have him. I don't think we any of us feel angry with W. C. for if he can get it he has as much right to it as we have, but with traitors we have a right to be offended. I am almost wicked enough to hope that man won't succeed, I know I shall not be sorry. Well dearest, it is a blessing that we all have one another; I know of no family more united than ours and more than that we know we are all honest; not one would have acted as the individual alluded to has done. If once we promise we fulfill to the best of our ability and in our trouble, is it not well to feel no meanness, no shame for having betrayed old friends; indeed I did not know till lately what an active friend father had been for the man who has sacrificed him to his own ambition in an underhanded way. I have no patience with him. I have just been over to Uncle John's he says he has sent off two letters by Express, one of them for you. He looks funny and I hope will succeed in doing something or other. I don't know what more care much. Perhaps I will find out what he means as I asked him to come in for this letter. Sella says, "Dear Father, I want you to come home next Saturday. Your dear little daughter Sarah." Frank says tell Papa to hurry home. Robby looked up dolefully yesterday and said "Papa", mamma, Papa." he misses you very much and we all do; Sometimes I can scarcely realize that I am the same person it all seems so strange. Perhaps because "my better half" is in reality not here. I am afraid Uncle John will come in before I finish if I write longer. I had but little to say, but feared you might be detained and would miss hearing from home if I did not answer your affectionate letter as best I could. Robby is *futting* for me so, God bless and keep you, dearest one of all my earthly blessings. Augusta PS. I don't understand why you have got so few letters. I think I have written three every week. Augusta



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