United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Augusta Forrer--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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We had a letter from Howard yesterday, he was still in camp near Lagrange, well, and seemingly quite happy. He said nothing about his position, and not one word about Mr. Comly. His letters are very affectionate and quite satisfactory. I find that Jere has been very kind to him. When he was trying to raise his company Jere gave him a check for $200.00 to aid him. Finding it impossible to do anything, Howard handed all but about $20.00 back. Then when he was starting to Cincinatti Lib was greatly distressed at finding H. needed money and asked J. if he could spare any; he handed her $50.00, told her it was hers, do as she would with it. She gave it to him with a light heart, for she is very unselfish. _ Finally Howard was paid, and he immediately sent the $50.00 back besides paying all his debts. Then, the money being hers, Lib insisted upon Mother's keeping it, which she decidedly refused to do; and she says she can see that L. is getting many little comforts that she wanted before but thought she could not get. Howard says the brigade is commanded by Col. Fuller of the 27th. _ Gen. Ross commands the division._ Genl. Hamilton the army corps. and Gen. Grant the department. Mother says H. had his tent near the court house when he was trying to raise his company; one day Craighead came along and called out, "Well, Lieutenant, how are you getting along?" Now he knew very well that he was not succeeding at all more over he couldn't be a colonel himself although he wished to be, so H. replied, "well Colonel, not at all well." and stopped farther badinage. Is the army of the Potomac going into Winter quarters? Do tell me any interesting news you know for these papers have next to nothing in them. You did not tell me what Officers left with Capt. Arnold. _ I have my doubts about the propriety of sending orders immediately to a subordinate officer still as the war deparment saw fit to do it in your case, I was glad that it did so in Capt. Arnold's also. Now Dearest, I will leave you for the night and try to go to the office early in the morning, I hope to find a letter from you and will leave the last page to answer any questions you may ask. _ All send love and Father says he will soon write and tell you of the values of Chinese razors. Remember me to the Friends at the Fort and also to Emma. Tell her I will bring Robby back as soon as it is safe for him to travel. _ I enclose a ten cent note which you may be able to use in New York. _If you can enclose me some of the new stamps it will be a great convenience as they are next to none here. Oh how I wish I could say a real good night love and kisses dearest from all. Augusta Thursday_ Children doing very well no letter yet! What does that mean?



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