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491 Avenue Joffre
Shanghai, China
13 October, 1917

Dearest Dada:

Your 10th just
at hand. Thanks for
the shoe-trees and maga-
zines. They haven't come
yet: but I guess they
will soon. You spoke
about getting some money
refunded from the
magazines, as they
charged you foreign
notes for them: well,
use that money for the
child's magazine. As
soon as you let me
know how much
you spent for everything, [page break]
write me that, and I'll

Such a nice batch of
mail from America
today: Among them a
long letter from Miss.
Tuell. My dear, I've
spent hours trying to
decipher her writing,
and so far haven't
succeeded! Don't let
on, though.

Ted also wrote me a
letter. I wrote her the
first letter last week.
She is a good child to
answer my card with
a letter, isn't she?

You speak of nothing. [page break]
about your work. How
do you like it: and
exactly what do you

I wanted to send you
some preserved candies;
but Mother told me to
wait a month, until the
shops get a fresh supply
of them. Eatables is
about the only thing I
can send, as everything
else has to be taxed. And
no one whom I know
is thinking of coming
to America.

The pictures I took of this [page break]
house are a failure: but I
have taken some more
which I shall take to
have developed.

Now as to my friend
H.K.: As I told you, he
has gone to Peking. On one
of his visits to Shanghai,
he gave a large dinner
at the Carlton for me.
And it happened that
a certain friends of his
whom I met then for
the first time has taken
a fancy to me. This friend
thought at that time that
I was engaged to H.K.: but
since then by accident
he has found out that [page break]
I am free. H.K. wrote me
a narly letter recently,
saying among other things
that he supposes that a
woman is always justi-
fied in being attracted
to the novel! You see,
what he means of course,
I think he must have
been furiously angry when
he wrote that. At the
same time I am furious
that he always acts as
though I belong to him
as his fiancee. And
because no one ever
voices the opinion that
they think I am engaged [page break]
to him, I have no opportunity
to deny it.

Of course I was furious;
but I have decided to
let matters take their own
course: and just be
nice to everyone.

With love