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22 July, 1921.

Dear Dada,

Just received your
letter of 20 June, and as
I am sending the house-boy
over to the American Post Office
to get a [reportered] letter
from somebody in America,
I am just writing you a
few lines for him to post.
The American post office [page break]
is at the other end of town, and
it is rather difficult to mail
letters to America as the Chinese
letter boxes all around town do
not take American mail unless
Chinese stamps are used.

I have been sick all week;
just lying around the house, too
weak and listless to move about
or go out to any thing. Have
even given up studying the
last few days as I have been
too tired to concentrate. The
weather is terrifically hot too.

My Brother Ts Liang who
was graduated from Vanderbilt
is now in New York. I have asked
him to look you up. [page break]
I was going to give you his
address; but cannot find his
last letter to me; so cannot
give you the address now.
When I find the letter, I shall.
As he does not know the town, and
is a bit shy, I wish you
would drop him a line saying
when he could call; but of
course I must give you the [page break]
address first.

The Canton Government
is making great headways
in Administration as
well as in gaining victories
on the battlefields. I
shall probably go down
this September again; as
Mrs. Sun has telegraphed
many times for me. How
I wish you were here!! [page break]

I have a package for you
& Teddy which I am waiting
for some one to go to America
to take to you. I hope that
the ship doctor on S.S. China
will call at the house on
his trip back from Hong Kong
as I am intending to
send the things by him.
If not, I must wait &
find someone else.
This letter is a disgrace,
because my head feels so

With love,