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30 Seymour Road,
20 January, 1920.

Dear Dada,

I have tried to write you so many times these past few
weeks and have started so many letters to you that it is a fortu-
nate thing that I have resolved to finish this letter to you if even
the heavens fall.

By now you must have heard that Miss Pendleton came to
China. She arrived [in] Shanghai about two weeks ago from Peking with
Miss Charlette Conant. I have seen a great deal of Miss Pendleton
and have found her very delightful, quite unlike her former stiff-
ness. I had her hear [sic] for dinner to meet the family and took her
home several times from different receptions where she was the
guest of honor. I just went down to her hotel to say goodby [sic] to her
as she sails for San Fransisco this afternoon. I began to know Miss
Conant quite well too and like her very much.

As a boy I know[,] Percy Kwok[,] is sailing for America, I am
asking him to take over a package for me to you. Inside the package
are various packages to different people which I would appreciate
very much if you would distribute for me. There is also a large
long package address[ed] to Miss Margie Burks, [Wesleyan] College, Ma-
con, Georgia which I am asking you to mail for me and also to
insure it. I hope that is not going to be too much trouble for
you. In the package addresse[d] to you, whatever is not designated
for anyone else is for you. I am sending you a little jade pendant.

I am awfully rushed right now, and so I shall not write
more. But I hope the things will get to you without trouble.

With much love,

Pardon this awfully badly typewritten letter.