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28 Nov. 1919-

Dear Dada,

Ling Sing has come down from Tientsin and
is now inviting me. She is here to get her []
& furniture etc. as she will be married in January.
If I can go up to Tientsin then, I shall be
her maid of Honor.

I am enclosing a check for $20.00
gold for which please subscribe the follow-
ing magazines for me immediately as I think
it is about time for the expiration of my last
year's subscription-
1. The Nation (English Edition) [weeklies]
2. The Saturday Evening Post [weeklies]
3. Ladies Home Journal
4. Woman's Home Companion
5. Harper's (monthly)
6. [Seibuer's]
7. The House Beautiful

I think the check will be enough to
cover the subscription; if not, please
let me know.

Ling Sing is here only for two weeks & [page break]
so we are just rushed to death from
morning till night.

Yesterday I gave a reception and
there were 70 guests-- I am dead
tired to-day!

Excuse haste.

With love,