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30 Seymour Road
18 November, 1919

Dear Dada,

I wonder what you think is the matter with me that I
have not written for so long. I really would like to explain only
my excuse sounds so trivial, namely that I have been tremendously
busy and altho I have thought of you and have wished for your
presence, I have not had the time to myself sufficiently to sit
down to dash off a note to you.

I think I have told you have I not, that I have been
elected Vice Pres of the American College Women's Club of Shanghai
and as the total membership of the club is over one hundred I have
had quite a time trying to get acquanted with each one of them
personally. I am going to entertain the whole Club this coming
Tuesday at my home. Then too my sister Mrs. Kung is the President
of the largest association in Shanghai for Chinese women, the
McTyiere Sorority, and as I am the Sec, I have a lot to do besides
helping her. I tell you, really then too during the last month
I have been out to dinner or had guests six nights a week, and
besides innumerable teas and theatres. I am also studying Chinese
besides helping at the Girls' Club at the Y.W. The schools in
Shanghai are in need of teachers and really some of them made me
very attractive offers, but I am so swamped with work as it is now
that I am not getting enough sleep. My circle of friends in Shanghai
is really getting to be almost too huge for me to be able to keep
up with them. The funny thing is that when I do have a moment to
myself now, I am so awfully restless that I cannot sit still. I
think that perhaps I have been overdoing, for besides all these
things, I am trying to settle a serious question in my mind. I do
not know what the outcome will be, but I think I know, and when I
am absolutely sure I shall let you know. In the meanwhile, I just
have to weigh matters carefully from every point possible.

I am enjoying myself tremendously too. Only sometimes I
become quite conscience-stricken when I think how little time I
stay with Mother. We have been having Russian Grand Opera here and
I have been to six or seven different performances.

I wish you could get a look at my engagement book, yes
Dada I had to get one to keep my dates straight. You would think that
I am a regular butterfly.

The Returned Women Students have a Club here of about
thirty members, and some of them want to put me up as the Pres, but
I do not want the job because it is too much work and besides the
responsibility is tremendous. Aside from these considerations, I feel
that while I can gab as well as anyone there, I really am terribly
immature inside. Besides it is all over Shanghai that I am the power
behind the members who rooted one President ou[t] because she elected
herself in an illegal way. And while I do think that it is mighty
funny the way she got the position, I certainly do not want anyone
to think that if I had anything to do with the matter, it was be-
cause I want the job myself. Of course I cannot convince people
that I had nothing to do with the matter of calling for a legal
election, and so I have decided to let the matter rest.

Anyway, did you know I was supposed to be a very deep
wire puller? It is all nonsense of course.