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4 April, 1919

Dear Dada:

Just a line to let you know that
I have not forgotten you, and that I realize
that I ought to have written you before this.
Only of late I seem to have gotten out of the
habit of writing letters, and now seem
unable to write any more.

I am taking music from a
Russian music teacher, who is really
the very best teacher I have ever had. I
practice three hours a day, and actually
enjoy doing it, even the monotonous scales.
I have only had two months under him,
but the improvement is quite marked.
I am studying Chopin and Moszkowski

I am almost out of mourning now and
so go out to parties a great deal. We
entertain a lot at home too, about two
dinners a week besides teas etc. I [page break]
am enjoying the girl's club work I am
doing, for the girls seem a little less
reserved and more responsive now. The
club work entails a good deal of personal
calling etc. but in the end, the results
are worth the trouble.

Last week the box of books from Wellesley
which I sent for some two years ago finally
arrived. You really cannot imagine how
happy I was to get them! Among them
were your "rag curtains," remember? They
made me horribly homesick for your
couch bed, and I actually felt weepy:
I have not felt so like my old self since
my return home as I did since my books
and your curtains came. Now I feel
that some of my old theories and ideas
are almost back again. College days do
seem so far gone, and life sometimes
especially now, seems rather uncertain,
in the sense opposite to stability.

Have I told you that my oldest
sister is now in Shanghai? She is ex- [page break]
pecting a baby in August, her third

In all likelihood, this house will have
a coating of ningpo varnish, as Mother
is very particular about not letting prop-
erty deteriorate. And as the ningpo varnish
poison affects every one in the family,
we shall move out of here for three
months, until the smell of the paint is
gone. It is up to me to look for a
house and move every darn thing out
of the house before the hot weather comes
on. And of course by the time the
smell is gone, it will be boiling hot,
and we will have to move back.
Sammy (Marguerite Samuels) was right when she spoke of the
hectic life of the "otherwise unoccupied
college girl"! But Gosh! Moving back &
forth in hot weather. Deliver me! Of course
as the boys are in school (the youngest
one in day school) my oldest brother hard at
work in two companies, my sister pregnant,
we can't leave town. And so we stick!

Love, Daughter.