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30 Seymour Road
24 January, 1919.

Dearest Grandad:

Your lovely
smile is beaming on me
from the mantlepiece! I
do think you are so
handsome in your uniform.
And Emma told me that
you actually were afraid
that you looked a bit stout
in it. But mercy me,
you are just fine in all
its glory, and really truly [page break]
it is a huge success.
Emma too sent me some
pictures of herself and the
ship "DeLong." I think I
forgot to thank her in my
letter to her. Will you convey
my thanks?

And how was army
life? It is a great dis-
appointment to me that
my family would not
allow me to take a
nursing course, even after
I had sent in my applica-
tion. [page break]

I am helping to run a
Girls' Club in the city. It
is good fun, and I enjoy
doing it hugely. You have
no idea how some of the
much bepowdered and
bepainted young Chinese
damsel enjoy playing
games altho at first they
were inclined to be stiff
and straight-kneed as a

In spite of their very
advanced ideas, my family
would not let me take a [page break]
course to be a physical
director. They think that
that is being something
like a "gaiety" girl, and
a front row one at that.
And so I cannot return
to America to see you
all on the pretext of study-
ing to be either a doctor
or a physical director. But
I think of you all just
the same, and love you
just as much.