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491 Avenue Joffre
Shanghai, China
13 Sept. 1917

Dearest Dada:

Well, your letters
just received are most welcome.
They take me out of myself;
out of my illness. I have been
ill, - diarrhea and vomitting
blood! Last night, I thought
I was going to die! You
see, in the middle of the
night, I awoke with a sort
of smothered feeling. Some-
way or another, I managed
to straggle into my bath-
room, where I began
to vomit without ceasing. [page break]
Mother and the rest of the
family came running
in and saw a figure
doubled up over the bath-
tub almost exhausted
from panting. Both the
chauffeur and the groom
were away on a spree:
so neither the motor nor
the carriage was available
to obtain a doctor. I suffer-
ed as I never did before
for about three hours: after
which I fell into a
restless sort of sleep. To-
day I feel better: but
still weak and wobbly. [page break]

I have told you of Mother's
dislike in living so far
away from town. Well,
after days of house-hunting,
nights of discussion, we
have finally found a
house on Yu Yuen Road
about a mile nearer to
the shopping center. It
has the advantage of being
in an excellent residential
section, and the house is
new and large with
a large lawn for tennis
and croquet. It is
made of brick, has all the [page break]
modern conveniences, a
carriage house, a garage
and servants' quarters.
Father is thinking of buying
the property as it is a
good investment, for in
a couple of years, it will
increase about 30% in value.
It is parallel to Avenue
Joffre, and the promoters
are building it up
to rival Avenue Joffre.
You see, with our house
in Hankou, & one on Ave.
Joffre, & one on
Yu Yuen Road, we have
pretty good land securities
not to mention our land [page break]
on the [Brend] which is val-
uable. Right next to our
house on Yu Yuen Road
is a slightly smaller house
which my sister Mrs. Kung
is going to take. The northern
climate does not agree
with her health, but as
her husband has to be
away up North on
business most the time,
it is wise for her to
be near us. Thus we
can enjoy each other's
company, & yet Mother
& Dad need not be
disturbed by the child- [page break]
ren's nocturnal concerts.

In our Yu Yuen Road
house, I shall have my
own room, dressing room
and private bath. You
cannot imagine how well
I enjoy a bath of my
very own after the wild
scramblings for the
not over clean tub at
Wood. I am busy plann-
ing the furnishing of my
own suite of rooms. Oh,
bliss of bliss! All the
rooms have fire places!
My bedroom has five
windows, three facing
west, one facing north [page break]
& one south. I think I
shall have it either
in old-rose or pale
yellow like my present

My letters, I know,
Dada, compared to yours
are trite. But you'd
rather get a frivolous note
than none at all, wouldn't

I haven't heard from
the kids, except [Rend] -
But then, I haven't written
any of them. What does
Ted expect to do next year,
[Rend] said that she ex- [page break]
pects to teach in a school
on Lake Champlain.

Give all the kids my
love, & remember me to
all the family. Tell
Marquette to send Mr.
Hyde along. I'll be
glad to see him.

With love Dada to
Grandpa & yourself