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Dear Dada:

I have been so busy that I've really neglected
you! Well, I am getting to be a regular banker! The
Y.W.C.A. here is having its financial campaign, & I
am on the committee. I have been busy chasing
up banks! And the bankers here really are very nice,
and of course the appeal coming from a Chinese is
far more effective than if it were from a foreigner.
I've just received $100.00 from the [Baugn E'Studs Chine,] &
I don't doubt that contributions from other banks will
come soon.

I go to the managers of the Banks personally and
look them in the eye, and literally the money
rolls in! I never say the same thing to two men;
I just size them up to see which of my arguments
would most likely appeal to him, and then I strike
while the iron is hot! For instance, one man might
be interested in the development of social service, another
would like a more "commercial" argument (and then I
show them why it is to their interest to help the young
women of China etc.) etc. In each case, however, I
tell them that I am a volunteer worker and [page break]
that I get nothing from my service expect the satisfac-
tion of knowing that I am trying to work for the
betterment of China, and that because they cannot
give their service, I am now giving them the
privilege of giving financial support. I find that my
being a volunteer worker, they are most impress-
ed with that fact.

I am liking this job! The men are very polite
and seem interested. They are mostly foreigners,
& I think they are impressed with the fact that
Chinese are interested in Chinese! [Compreny?]
I have also made some friends among the
foreign women whom I did not know before.
They seem glad to give and told me of their friends
who would be willing just to know me as they
do not meet many Chinese girls. But on the
whole, I think the banks are my specialties and
here are dozens of them here. The women do not
give nearly so much as the banks of course, but
at the same time their interest in the Y.W.C.
A. and their willingness to co-operate would be
of untold value both to them and to the Association.

There are in all 60 workers for this campaign,
but comparatively few feel that they would dare to [page break]
brave the lions jaws in the offices of business
men. Now don't worry, I always take one of
the old maid secretaries along for chaperone, but
I do all the talking because as I told you the
appeal coming from a Chinese girl is more
effective than from a foreigner.

You will be interested to know that I always
put on my best clothes (suitable for street of
course) when I go to the offices. For to my mind
nothing gives one more confidence than the
feeling that she has on a becoming hat, plenty
of powder to keep the shine off the nose, and
sumptuous furs. And then too, to be well
dressed means that a larger contribution
will be assured, for the men would be ashamed
to give any sum too small to buy my
shoes with at least! And then again, I
never ask for money as charity: I always
give the men the privilege of contributing to
something which would in time benefit them,
for a better China socially means a greater
China commercially. I am enjoying my work [page break]
very much, and as I have the motor at
my disposal, I do not have to exert myself un-
necessarily, and can reserve my strength for
the interviews.

I am giving 2 mornings a week to the
Y.W. to do office work for them, i.e. interview
people, pay bills, checking accounts, writing
reports etc. I am also in charge of the Returned
Women Students Bible Study Institute to be held
on December 28, - an all day affair. I am
making out the questionnaire, & probably shall
open the meeting.

Very busy child you see! Especially as
we are having
company for
dinner tonight
& I am not yet

With love