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30 Seymour Road
Shanghai, China
20 September, 1918

Dear Dada,

I have started writing so many times that if I had counted there
would have been many letters numbered 37/. Well yesterday my sister and her
family started off for Shansi. As luck would have it I am suffering from
paint poison. For the last two weeks every night I would have a new attack
of little blisters breaking and I simply could not imagine where or why I
should have paint poison for I stayed at home as soon as I first to break
out. Mother said it was because I refused to go to Revival meetings with
her that it was a case of Retribution. Well anyway I was and[sic] miserable for
it itches and swells. If you ever had a bad case of ivy poison you would
have an idea of one tenth of the agony I am now undergoing. I have not been
able to sleep for nights. For the longest time I could not imagine where I
had smelt Ningpo Varnish until one night I suddenly remembered that my broth-
er's room was painted three months ago. Just fancy, after three months the
smell still can affect me. Of course you bet I have not been anywhere near
his room the last couple of days, and if I am careful I shall be over this
attack in another week. The Kungs had to leave yesterday as Chauncey had to
be present at a Banker's meeting which is very important and he is the most
important one of the lot, and as I am so swollen and blistery Mother would
not let me go. So here I am with my usual rotten luck, something happening
just as I am ready to start somewhere. In a way tho I am glad something did
prevent my going for Mother in her heart of hearts did not want me to leave
her and yet she did not want to stand in the way of my going. And Mother says
that she feels that something nice is coming to me. Perhaps she is planning
to give me that set of beautiful lynx we saw at La Maison Parisienne.

I am going to visit one of Mother's sisters at Yangtsepoo in a few
days. Mother planned the visit to offset my disappointment, I think. I shall
only make a short visit tho for the house is not yet settled. I have been
helping her to look over the things in her forty trunks. You know I wrote
you that we had decided to give up the carriage and keep only the motor. Well
Mother has decided to keep the carriage now and it is to be my special vehicl[sic]
and exclusively mine alto its upkeep will not come out of my allowance. I am
of course very glad, and I think I am glad that I did not go to Shansi after
all for had I gone in all probability Mother would have sold the carriage.

My sister Mrs. Sun is in Shanghai. She has been coming every day
since I have had the paint poison. I am enclosing a clipping from the Gazette
as it may interest you. If you remember I wrote you about the last Autumn
Festival. This year we also had a family reunion, but it was rather sad for
we all missed Father and as the Kungs were leaving the next day we failed in
trying to be jolly altho everyone made a desperate effort to be gay.

With love.