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30 Seymour Road
Shanghai, China
4 September, 1918

Dear Dada:

I am enclosing a draft for my sister Mrs.
Kung who appreciated the magazines you subscribed
so much that she would like to have you sub
scribe some magazines for her too. As she said, she
lives in such a hight that to counteract the effect
it is necessary for to have low brow taste in liter-
ature. Seriously speaking tho, up in Shansi she has
plenty of serious reading in her husband's library
but absolutely no light and frivolous magazines. She
would like to have the following magazines:
The Saturday Evening Post
The Ladies' Home Journal
Harper's Bazzar
The American Magazine
The All Story Magazine
The Smart Set
And please send them to
Mrs. H.H. Kung
Taikuhsien, Shansi
Please notice that Shansi is spelt with an a, not
an e as the latter is an entirely different place.
She would like to have the subscription for one year
beginning as soon as possible. If the draft is not
sufficient to get all the magazines, please get as
many as possible with the money.
Now as to my own magazines, please sub-
scribe the new ones I mentioned in one of my other
letters and renew those others also mentioned in the
same letter. If it is not too much trouble, I would
greatly appreciate your writing to the place where you
subscribed them to notify them the change of my
address. I would not trouble you were it not for the fact
that I do not know where you sent in my subscription.

I am still helping Mater to settle and
every day the house looks more helplessly upset. Mrs
Kung will not be able to stop in Peking, etc. on her way to Shansi
as her husband has to be in Taikuhsien on a certain
date. And so if I stop over to see Peking I would
have to go from Peking to Taiku all by myself --
an unheard of thing for a young girl. In all like-
lihood I shall stop [by] Peking etc on my way back.
And as Sister will not be leaving Shansi after she [page break]
gets there for three months it will mean that I would
have to stay there as long as [she] does for of course
according to Chinese custom I cannot travel across
the desert with only my brother-in-law and the
coolies who carry my chair. The babies may be ailing
or something so that sis will not be able to escort
me from Shansi to Peking for several months, in that
case I shall just be stranded there. Of course after
I once get to Peking, I shall be able to come on
down to Shanghai.

I am therefor debating whether to go or not for
it would be rather a bore to feel that you have no
way of getting out -- not but that I shan't enjoy
myself only you know I hate the idea of having to stay
anywhere indefinitely. Sis tho is crazy to take me
along and the Doctor thinks that the change of climate
would benefit me.

With love.

P.S. The check is for $20.00 gold.