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30 Seymour Road
2 September, 1918

Dearest Dada:

Well, you see, I've moved!
And I can't tell you how hellishly
hot moving has been. John had to
go back to school to take over the
exams he flunked out of, and as
Mother had to have somebody besides
the servants to keep her company
here, I was laid upon the sacrificial
altar. And so here I am! Running
back and forth for the last three
days packing, unpacking, arranging
and whatnot. So far though not
everything is here, as T.V. is
still over at the other house staying
with my sister who is awaiting
her husband to take her up north [page break]
with the kids. And the reason why
I am hustling moving is because
I am going up north with them for a
visit. I haven't been out this
year: and so I think it's about
time I go somewhere, and as it
wouldn't do to leave Mother with
the house upside down, I am
trying to get things settled a bit
before I go off. Mother is having a
lot of things done to this place.
We are selling a lot of our furniture
as this house is small, and most
of our furniture are large. That
means that this week, I shall
have to shop and shop, for Mother
says that she does not feel equal to
the task. I am through keeping hold [page break]
of the beautiful Blackwood set which
is wonderfully carved.

I expect to go to Nanking, [Tientsin],
Peking and finally land in [Toku]
where I shall stay for a month. I
suppose all in all I shall be
away until Xmas although Mother
is so afraid that sister will make
me stay longer. Poor dear! She'll
be lonesome without me, I know,
but as she said, she can't keep me
forever. Besides it is best that
I go off before Xmas as Joey is
going off to boarding school after
this fall term.

I'll keep a full diary of all
I see, hear, and feel when I [page break]
go off on the the []. T.V. is giving
me this trip, isn't he a dear?

Oh, I have some good news to
tell you. I've finally landed a
marvelous cook! After 8 cooks,
I've found the one! And best of all
he can cook Chinese food as
well as foreign chow! I'll tell
you a secret, though! I am pay-
ing a prohibitive price for him
and besides I am getting a
dish-washing boy too to help
him out. But oh the pies,
and cakes he makes! Yum