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491 Avenue Joffre
Shanghai, China
6 Sept. 1917

Dear Emma:

I am one letter late to you. But
I have been so busy. During the last
2 weeks there was only one evening when
we either did not give dinners or were not
invited out! And of course we never re-
turned until after mid-night. Is there
any wonder then that I am tired?
Then too we have had our new
car, & with the carriage too, we
are out most the time.

During one of the dinners, I met
Eugene Chen, - editor in chief and
owner of the Peking Gazette. Peking
is too hot for him at present: there-
fore Putnam [Weale] is taking his
place there, and he is in Shanghai.
He has a house on Avenue Joffre
also; but he lives much nearer town
than we do, - about 3 miles nearer.
You know I told you that this
is the longest Avenue in Shanghai,
and the further away from town, [page break]
the more inaccessible and fashionable.

Mother dislikes living so far away
from town: she says it is beastly
inconvenient. Her idea is therefore
to move back to our old house
in Honkou. You remember, I told
you that we have had that house
for over 23 years; consequently
now while the house is still as
imposing as it used to be, - the
district is getting too congested for
comfort. I have been trying to
get her to sell the place: the
land there is the most high-priced
in Shanghai: but she was so shocked
and grieved at my callousness towards
our old home that I have not
dared to broach the subject again!

I have to admit, though, that
she is not happy here: this place is
too foreign and crassly modern for [page break]
a conservative like my mother. And it
is very far away from town, and
away from her charities where she
spends a great deal of her time,
energy, and money. She is very devout,
and likes to be present at all her
Board meetings. I have therefore
been trying to find a house
near town, and yet far enough
away to have plenty of space.
My sister Mrs. Kung is not going to
remain in Shanghai: she returns
to the North: so there will only be
my two brothers, Dad, Mother and
I. The house-hunting problem is
no joke. I am so tired that
I'll have to stop now.