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491 Avenue Joffre
24 August, 1918

Dearest Dada:

Well, so you are going to be
the leading spirit in your center of amuse-
ment! I wish I could see you coaching
them in the Vaudeville, and Teddy
as [nurse]! I received a letter from her
and Phyllis on the same mail that yours
came on. Phyl. was visiting Frances
Keston in Chi. You frivolous young things
make me feel like a grandmother of
eighty. Yesterday Brother had a friend
drop in for dinner, and as Brother and I
were the only ones at home, I was left
alone with him after Brother was
called to the telephone to discuss some
business matters. Well, this friend [page break]
showed decided symptoms of proposing:
so as I was tired and rather sleepy,
I excused myself and told the chauffeur
to get the car out. When Brother got
through telephoning, I suggested
taking a ride and incidentally
dropped our guest at his house.
Don't you think I did rather well?
As he is returning to [Tientsin]
in a day or so: I guess I have
gotten rid of him for good.

In my last letter, I asked you
to renew and to subscribe some
magazines for me. Please have
them all sent to 30 Seymour
Road, Shanghai, China as I
shall move there in a few days,
and please address all my
letters there also. [page break]

How long do you expect to stay
being a farmerette? If Mother does
not object, I think I shall connect
myself with some public charity
organization. Only dear me, I do
hate nasty smells and dirty sights.
But I suppose somebody has to see the dirt
if it is ever going to be cleaned up.
When you see this mass of humanity, it
seems almost impossible to ever stir
them up to any sense of the consciousness
of living: yet just see the revolutions
which have brought the realization of
democracy into a country primarily
monarchical and aristocratic!

I think this year I shall spend
in studying the social needs of the
city of Shanghai, and the remedies [page break]
for the most prominent of its evils.
And maybe in time the
Municipal Council here will
awaken to the fact that while
9/10 of the population here are Chinese,
the Council has done little to
improve the living conditions of
those most in need of improvement.

With love

Please tell me how much I owe you
for the renewal & subscription of
magazines: and I'll refund by
return mail.