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2 August, 1918

Dearest Dada:

Your most interesting letter came yesterday. Your trip to
Wellesley just made me so homesick that I felt so forlorn! I have
been wrestling with cooks: we've had six cooks in ten
days! My stomach is upset with trying the various
sorts of biscuits and cakes. It seems an impossibility to
find a cook who is clean, skillful and has a good tem-
per! I am just all worn out with trying.

Today I am going to attend a reception where over a
thousand people are going also - By the way, recently I
wrote a short article about "Women's Colleges in America." It
is published by the Amer. University Club in Shanghai. As I
was limited to some 500 words, of course I couldn't say
much: but it was intended for the Chinese girl student going
to America. Two of my first cousins are coming to America. [page break]
They are both girls & one of them, a younger
sister of my cousin at Radcliffe. I
am sending you a little something
by them - just to show you that
although I don't write much, I
am thinking of you. The [section break]
weather, the housekeeping & a few
other things have kept me tired
& busy.