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491 Avenue Joffre
18 July, 1918

Dear Dada:

A year ago day after to-
morrow I arrived home. The year
has passed quickly: yet what a lot
has happened!

I am wondering whether you are
still at the camp being a farmerette?
The weather here has been hot, but
we have been playing tennis
in spite of it all. Mother took the
kids to [Toalbou] last week: so for
a few days only T.V. and I
were home. We certainly did have
a good time, - giving dinners,
and card parties. Then we went [page break]
out for long midnight rides. When
Mother came home, we both were
so tired that we could hardly
wiggle. We had our cousins
come up, and so had a regular
house-party. I am afraid though
the servants did not enjoy them -
selves as much as we did, for
we kept them hopping busy
doing one thing after another.
For instance one day we had
them make ice-cream three
times during the day. And as
the rain comes off and on
during the day, they had to
put up and put down the
tennis net and lines constantly. [page break]

Mother told me to go off anywhere
I plan for the summer or part of
it. Considering however that the
house on Seymour Road is still
having screens put in etc. I hardly
think I ought to go off, especially
too as Brother is constantly giving
dinners, and Mother just does not
feel up to planning them. You
just ought to see me studying the
cook book in spite of the fact that
it's the cook who does the cooking.
Our Chinese and foreign cook do
not get along well. They call
each other pretty names such
as "great-grandson of a swelling
swine," and "son of a gutter rolled [page break]
brat." You ought to see the expression
on their faces when they utter
such compliments. One would
think that they were greeting
a friendly acquaintance judging by their

Going off to spend the summer
in China is not like in America.
For one thing, the traveling is un-
comfortable, and such things
as screens and hot running water
are conspicuous for the lack of
them. But if I get a chance, I
am going to run up to Nanking,
the old capital.

With love