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26 June, 1918

Dear Dada:

Such a long time
since I've heard from you-
I suppose you went to the
Reunion at college. You
must tell me all about

A few days ago, I cut one
of my thumbs almost to the
bone. As it's my right
thumb, I haven't been
able to use my hand
much until today.

Two of the Wellesley
Chinese girls of 1913 &
1914 are to be married [page break]
this week. Ying Wei Chen
& Jung Hiu Liu. I was to
have been maid of honor
& bridesmaid respectively:
but of course as I am in
mourning, I shan't be
able "to help get them off."

Ying Mei's wedding
is this afternoon, & Jung
Hiu's is this Saturday.
Another Chinese girl, a
returned student from
America is also to be
married Saturday. The
three June brides are [page break]
all rather old, being
30, 31, and 36. Talking
about June brides

The one who is 36
has made the best match
I think. Her fiance
is very capable & will
amount to something.
As to the others, of course
only time can tell.

Well, the weather has
been too hot for us
to move. I have told
Mother that we must [page break]
cutdown the number of
servants, as the other house is
smaller than this one. In-
stead of having both
Chinese & foreign cooks,
we are going to have
only the foreign cook,
who is excellent. We
are going to eat foreign
food entirely. I am going
to have charge of all
the food bills, etc.
while Mother superintends
the rest of the house. All
our servants' meals will
be brought in from [page break]
the good shops three times
a day. That will sim-
plify the system a good
bit, as then the servants
will not find excuse
for hanging around the
kitchens & butler's pantry.
They have their own
dining room in the
servants' quarters.

We are building the
garage & enlarging the
servants' quarters.

So far, the cook
has had full run of
all the food supplies. [page break]
Recently I've found that
all my foreign friends
keep egg, butter, flower
etc. all under key &
lock. Comparing notes,
I've found that the
consumption & waste of
such good staples at our
house has been far
out of proportion. I am,
therefore having a lot
of cupboards made with
keys & locks! And I
am going to keep the
keys! [page break]

You can't imagine, though
how I hate housework!
Of course I don't do
anything except direct
the servants: but Heaven's
I wish I could live in
an apartment all by
myself and not have
to look after dirt
& dust, but just let
everything go to the dogs.

June is the stickiest
month of the year -
dampness everywhere. I [page break]
have washed my hair
once every week this
month, trying to keep
it looking decent.

Yours with love