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4 June, 1918

Dear Dada:

There is something really
quite uncanny about your
letters, for your 36th letter in
which you asked me to help
regain some of your faith
in humanity at large
just came when I was be-
ginning to feel that the
world is rather too rotten
for me to care whether I
am a part of it or not.
I am truly sorry that you
had such a miserable ex-
perience in being disillu-
sioned. Yet your case is
not half so bad as it seems
to you. I more than suspect [page break]
that after a good rest, you will find that there
are a lot of decent people in the world.
And I am beginning to find out too that
a whole lot depends on one's own way
of looking at life. Just set down that
experience on the negative side of the ledger
and take a look at the positive
side. You will be surprised to see
how the good overbalances the evil.

My experiences lately have made me
wonder at times whether life is worth
living because of the lack of standards
with which the ordinary person views the values
of life. For instance, I notice that
while a person is preaching self sacrifice,
public spiritedness, the evils of monet-
ary influence, his hands are nightly
busy grabbing the very things which
apparently are opposite to his expressed
beliefs. And all of this has set me
wondering whether real goodness does
exist in the masses of humanity.
That goodness does exist, - although at [page break]
rare places, though, ought to make me
want to be one of those who have
real virtues: - yet considering all
this, I am indifferent.

Every now and then, I neglect
to try to do things for people around me
just because I am sick of trying,
but after an interval, I come to myself
and view my negligence with some-
thing closely approaching self-reproach.

I cannot preach and tell you
that you are suffering from over- [page break]
confidence in people and
that that is a sign of
youth and inexperience
for the pure and simple
reason that I am suff-
ering from the same
symptoms - - symptoms
I feel yet cannot
diagnose or analyze.

I know you are feel-
ing that you would like
to go among the tree tops
and not try to bother
with people - I feel the
same way! I suppose I
could write you that
the complexities of life,
its illusions, disillusions,
tragedies, comedies, etc. [page break]
are really the factors which make
life worth living. But you knowing
me so well will know that such
a statement on my part would
[savor] of [conting] and superficiality
- the two sins unpardonable by
either one of us. Is it not so, Dada?

So I am not going to write
anything of the sort. I am just going
to let you solve the question your-
self in your own way while I too
will try to solve it after my
haphazard fashion. But it is a
comfort, even though a little one,
to know that your daughter is in
exactly the same "submarine,"
won't it? You know a problem
always takes on an exciting aspect
when you feel that someone else
is also working on it. [page break]

I wish you were here with me.
I think you are in some ways about
the most congenial spirit I ever
happened to collide into: - yes
in many respects.

The family is so upset over the places
for the garage in the new house - They
are always making new drawing. Hope
some of them will materialize.

Love- Daughter