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29 April, 1918

My dear Dada:

Well, they moved Father from the
hospital. For the first few days at home,
he seemed to improve. Now he is
worse again - among other systems,
spitting blood.

The disease has made him so
irritable that everyone of us is
on the edge of our nerves. He
refuses to be sweated or to take
salt: as a result, he gets worse.
If we force him to do anything he
does not wish to, his blood pressure
mounts up immediately.

As you know, Mother belongs to
the Apostolic Mission Faith, and
they do not believe in medicine.
They believe in nothing except prayer. [page break]
There are a great many Apostolic
Mission people at our house. They
pray for him all the time, and
while I do not believe every-
thing they do, still I do admire
and appreciate their wonderful
spirit of self abnegation. Now
I believe in prayer: but I also
believe in medicine.

The doctor who attends Father
is a special friend of Brother's
and mine. Under ordinary cir-
cumstances, neither he nor anyone else
would be willing to continue the
case after what happened, for
he was strongly opposed to Father's
removal from the hospital. And [page break]
furthermore, Mother does not obey
his orders at all. But, as I said,
he is doing all this for T.V. and
my sake as he does not get
a cent out of his daily visits here.
He refuses to accept any fees ab-
solutely, and was very angry
when we sent him a check be-

The suspense is awful: we are
all wearing out under the strain.
Mother won't have a nurse because
she believes that is against the
will of God, and while some apos-
tolic people come here to nurse
him, - still they are here as
friends and not as professionals. [page break]

To tell you the truth, before
I was very anxious for Father
to get well physically: now
however I am beginning to
care more for his soul sal-
vation, for with such a
temper and unwillingness to
acknowledge himself a sinner,
I fear whether he would be

I guess I am going crazy too.

With love