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Dearest Dada:

This is just a note. We are so worried about Father. He was
taken to the hospital eight days ago. For two days he improved, after
which a reaction seems to have set in. Finally this morning
the doctors said that his chances of recovery are slight: about 20%.
Mother insisted on his being moved home, and here he is in spite
of my brother's, the doctor's, and my objections. So far we have been
unable to secure any nurses.
Mother says she does not believe in doctors, & that no one could
cure him but God. Hence she refuses to let him be sweated
to throw off the poison. I am frantic, for I believe his only
chance lies in being sweated, as his kidneys are not work-
ing. I am almost going crazy with the tension and
Mother's refusal to follow the doctor's directions. At the
hospital, he was forced to drink water: here at home
he hasn't drunken any water at all. With two babies [page break]
in the house under three years old, it is im-
possible to keep the house quiet! Oh, God!

I have given up my room to the babies
and am now sleeping in the den. I
have stayed up nights at the hospital with
Father, and have run into it about
4 times a day: yet I do not feel
tired physically. I feel snappy and [break]
mentally fatigued.

The doctors say that the poison has
gone to Father's brain. He sleeps most
of the time, and his face is swollen.

With much love