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11 April, 1918

My dear Dada:

As I wrote you sometime ago, Mr. Liuk
of my brother's office is leaving for the States. I
am sending you a package by him, I suppose
this letter will leave on the same boat that
he is going to take.

As he is only a bookkeeper, I hardly think
you would care to have him call at your home
to deliver the package. All in all, though it
would be preferable for you to call for it
yourself at the office of MacDouvell-Chow
Corporation in N.Y. City. Look up the
address in the telephone book. I have forgotten
the address of their N.Y. headquarters, and
as Burks is not home yet, - I cannot tell
you where to go to.

In the box are two pieces of silk, and a
silk tam o'shanter. I have a tam just like it, [page break]
and I simply could not resist the temptation of
having a similar one made for you. It
will be ideal for walks, and as it
is very "dressy" looking, you will find lots
of need for it. Tack it up if you need to. I
am awaiting to see how you like it.
I am sending you some gray brocaded silk
for a dress. I wish I could have gotten one
more yard for you: but as it is in great
demand in Shanghai, that was all I
could find in the shops. You can, however,
use gray chiffon sleeves and collar,
and if neccesary lace the hem. With
your perfectly white complexion and dull
ash-gold hair, you will look a vision
in it. I wish I could see you. The
other piece of silk looks like dull gold, and
is for an evening dress. You may be
interested to know that it is from my
great-grandmother's things. Do what you like [page break]
with it.

I wanted to send Grandad some candy: but
I am afraid Mr. Liuk won't take kindly too
many packages in his trunk. I am
asking Brother to [] him on the subject.

I have grown very thin these last few
weeks. Mother cried the other night, because
she said that it hurts her to see me
looking so pale & wan. It does seem
queer that I seem to have lost all my
flesh, and yesterday I weighed only 107 lbs.
When you consider that when I left you,
I weighed 129 lbs-130 lbs, you may
wonder what has happened to me. The
family is talking of sending me off
to recuperate. But for a certain reason,
I don't take kindly to leaving home now.

With love