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Dearest Dada:

Here is a letter to all the
kids. I don't know as you had better
send it to Beebe, as I did not send
her any gift as I did to the rest.
The reason is because we never had
much in common, and she never
even sent me an announcement of
her engagement. Evidently you see,
she cared as little for me as I
do for her. But if you think it
would be all right to send it to
her, - why do so.

My face is almost all well
now, - and I am tremendously
glad. I have heard from Mr.
Van {Eiviyk] many times, and he
wants to come here to see me and [page break]
take me back to India. You
may imagine how the family
feels. I do not know what I feel.
Seems as though I need you here
in my "disgraceful" blue kimono
curled up on your bed. Has
Grandad received the two cans of
candies I sent?

The little round kind is made
of the lotus flower; the other is
sesame seeds. Which do you all like best.
I've been to S.S. [and] Church
lately. Feel disgracefully virtuous!


This certainly is a skimpy note!