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491 Avenue Joffre
4 November, 1917

My dear Dada:

Your 11th letter just came to hand.
And also the Literary Digests and Scribers.
Really, I felt as though the magazines are a
sure enough "God send." I have really missed
them very very much. I suppose I have told
you that for the past two months, I have
been having a horrible attack of Acne
on my face which prevented my going out
without a veil. Now thank heaven, my
face is almost well. I have taken 8 of
the 10 necessary injections, and shall be
through with the other two next week.
You really have no idea how painful
all the steaming and massaging have been.
I hope to be able to go out like a civilized being
by the end of next week. Miss Burks sent me
over a hundred dollars' worth of dresses: and
as I have so many other demands on my
pocket money at present, I did not see how [page break]
I was going to pay the bill. Luckily my
eldest sister took the bill to Mother who
like a lamb paid it without a sigh!
You know I am glad! For I hate to
take out my pocket money right now, as
it is invested in bonds. You know, I
believe that I am getting over my extravag-
ance, for I am crazy about buying
bonds etc. now. And really as I have
more clothes than I need (you remember
what a lot I bought in N.Y.) besides the
new ones Miss Burks sent, I have no
other expenses. You see, the carriage and
the motor cut out my car fares, and as
Mother always has a great deal of fruits
and candies in the house, I do not have to
buy any. Then too, the gardener provides
us with flowers too.

Father has given me a crystal seal with
my name worked in old Chinese for stamping
my bonds. I feel like a millionairess, altho [page break]
in actual fact, I have not very much money!

But this reminds me, how much have
you spent in all on me - including all
the magazines. A week or so ago, I sent
you a check of $2.85 for the shoe trees
and the postage, as I happened to have that check.

I have to send Ling Ling a fur coat
which I had made for her. It will be
sent to a friend in the [Legation.] I shall
also send you kids some things by the
same package through Ling Ling, and
she will mail them to you.

I shall be so so glad to be able to
go out without a veil!! You cannot im-
agine how I have cried out of pure
nervousness. Mother was in despair because
she could not take me out except at night
or with a veil on. But now at the end of
this week, I shall be able to go to a party!

I wish I were in N.Y. with all of
you kids! I do so miss being with you all.
Have you heard of anything interesting happen- [page break]
ing to anyone? By the way, not knowing
Dickey's address, I shall send her gift by
means of you. Where is she? Tell her
that I feel insulted in not getting an invitation
to her wedding. Did she and M. D. Locke
marry at the same time?

Is Benny Barnett married? I either dream-
ed I got her announcement of wedding or else
I actually did. I cannot remember! I wonder
which of us in the crowd will be
married at the end of the year? I
guess it will be Reed - don't you? There
isn't much likelihood of the rest of us hav-
ing any tendency that way.

This is a very stupid letter: but
remember, I feel ["dastly"] stupid.