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491 Avenue Joffre
Shanghai, China
22 October, 1917

Dearest Grandad:

Your second
parcel of Sunday Supplement
of "The Times" came today.
Well, all I have to say is
that I wish you could see
the whole family rushing
for it! It is fortunate that
there were enough to go
around: for otherwise we
might have had to call
in a physician to renov-
ate false eyes, teeth, and

We certainly do appreciate
them! Please tell Emma [page break]
that the shoe trees came
today also. I vaguely
recollect that when the
package came, I had
a dozen pairs of them:
however being endowed
with a mother and 2
older sisters who are
fond of these American
shoe trees, I found
myself bereft of 3/4th of
the lot a half hour ago. I
ought to feel thankful like
Pollyanna, though, that
they have not taken all
shouldn't I? And I
am! [page break]

Well, I love being home:
but I am homesick for
America I confess! I
would give much to see
you twinkling your
eyes, and pulling out
a bar of candy from
somewhere among your
pockets, and say

"Well, how about it,

You mustn't think,
though that I am a
mercenary child, and
like you for your candy,
for I am having a box [page break]
of candy at my elbow
right now: I guess I'll
take a bite now.

Today almost all the
servants went out: so I stole
into the kitchen, and
made the most "Wellesley-
ite" fudge you ever
tasted. I wish you were
here with me to eat it.

Goodby, and don't
forget me - With much love
to you and Mrs.Mills.