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Dada Dearest:

We just got into Vancouver today! And
tired! The train was late by six hours. I al-
most had a [cat] fit, for I was so nervous
and headachey after almost a week's travel,
that another "wash out" would have been the
last of me. The trip was deadly: - miles
after miles of Western plains until the
last day when we got into the Canadian
Rockies. Then I was so tired that I
couldn't even see the beauties!

And homesick! Did you say that
I would be homesick for America?
I am already! And here I am still on
the American continent!

4 July, 1917

Well, just as I was about to write some more, I
became too sleepy. This morning I am having a [page break]
headache. Brother & I went to the [best] shop. Trying
to get some things: but to our disappointment,
the store was terrible. Someone said that
there isn't a well-dressed Canadian woman
here: I did think that was an exaggeration.
Now, however, I am inclined to think
that there is some truth to that. The
women here look like dowds!

By the way, [Peel] sent me a lovely
pair of silk stockings from Peck & Peck.
He's swell! You know, Peel always
did think that I was vain!

You must look after the [Burks] &
Miss [Wayne] for me. See that they
don't catch cold, & wear rubbers on
rainy days.

I am so homesick and blue over leaving
you and some of my other friends that
I could just weep. You know, when I left you
at the Grand Central, I controlled myself; but
when the train began to pull out, I broke
down completely. Oh, Dada, why aren't you [page break]
going home with me? We have met with some
very nice people. - among them a bride & groom.
But I want [] our friends! I have received
over 60 letters since I arrived yesterday: but
yours has not come.

Today is not like the Fourth of July in the
States. The stores closed this afternoon: but I soon
learned that it was not because of the Fourth;
but because the people here demand that
half holiday on Wednesdays instead of on
Saturdays. By the way, I don't like the
Canadians: they are so downrightly
ignorant and narrow-minded.

Brother & I decided that we would have
the best of everything in our travels: so
here at the hotel, we are having it! The
tips to the waiter at each meal is more
than a month's allowance for me at
college! We are doing everything up here!
You see, after we return home, we shall
no longer be able to be as irresponsible [page break]
as we are now: so we are making the
most of our present opportunities.

On our way across the continent, we
saw a whole trainful of returned
Canadian soldiers. At another place,
we saw a train-load of Chinese
coolies who are being shipped to France
as laborers. If one of them should die, his
family gets $150! Such is the
price of life to them! If ever I have
any influence, I shall see to it that
no coolies are being shipped out, for
China needs all her own men to
develop the mines.

Dada darling, now write me at
once to 491 Avenue Joffre, French
Concessions, Shanghai, China. And
in the mean while save all your
money so you could come see me.
Love to the whole family, & tell Grandad
that he is almost as sweet as the candy
he gave me.