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Cocteau and the Gods
The Wounded Ego of Howard Phillips Lovecraft
An American Forerunner of the Absurd: Herman Melville
Saint-John Perse, Poet of the Universal
The Emsav in a Novel of Yeun ar Gow
Form and Meaning of the Spiritual Struggle in the Poetry of Maodez Glandour
Three Fictional Detectives: The Chevalier Dupin, Father Brown, The Commissaire Maigret
Youenn Drezen's Night Wake at the Island's End: A Reading
In Memory of André Pieyre de Mandiargues
The Book of Fate
Doomsday Prayer
Lament for Brittany and Days of Darkness
Pride of Kings
Chroniques Bretonnes
Histoire et Idéologie: Emgann Kergidu
Jorge Guillén, Poet of Being
La Vision Tragique de Tangi Malmanche
Les Périls du Commentaire
Memoirs: The War Years
From Far, From Near: I. In Another Country