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Their Soviet Elder Brothers: The Soviet Union's Hand in Shaping Reunification Policy for East Germany and North Korea
Scientology: The Art of Cultic Persuasion
When Support for Pinochet Has Not "Desaparecido"
The People's Liberation Army Navy: An Emerging Dragon of the Seas
Filling Political Spaces: Iraqi, Humanitarian-Oriented NGOs in the Context of American Military Occupation
Spoiler' Violence and Other Myths: A Mixed Methods Study of Paramilitaries' Use of Force in Northern Ireland
Private Military Contractors as a Risk-Transfer Mechanism: The Case of Plan Colombia
China's Soft Power in the Arab World through Higher Educational Exchange
Is Democracy the Answer: Differential Outcomes in the Treatment of the Global HIV Epidemic
Prosjekt Nytt Nasjonalmuseum: Negotiating a Norwegian Identity
A Tale of Two Airstrikes: The Effect of Mass-Casualty Airstrikes on Security in Farah and Kunduz Provinces
Evaluating the Effectiveness of US Strikes as a Counterterrorism Policy in Yemen
When Heads Roll: Assessing the Effectiveness of the Mexican Military's Decapitation Strategy Throughout the Course of the Drug War
Revolutionary Love: Ferguson Uprising, A Love Story
Between Georgia And Crimea: The Social Dimensions Of War For The Russian Military
"No IDEA": Biopower and the School-to-Prison Pipeline for Students with Disabilities
Atoms for Allies: U.S-French Nuclear Assistance in the 1970s