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Cosimplicial models for spaces of links
On volume-preserving vector fields and finite-type invariants of knots
Range of the Fractional Weak Discrepancy Function
Unit Interval Orders of Open and Closed Intervals
Unit Mixed Interval Graphs
The Total Weak Discrepancy of a Partially Ordered Set
Fractional Weak Discrepancy and Split Semiorders
Fractional Weak Discrepancy and Interval Orders
Complete positivity of the map from a basis to its dual basis
Uniqueness of quantum states compatible with given measurement results
The fractional weak discrepancy of a partially ordered set
Personalized Air Quality Sensing: A Case Study Analysis in Singapore
Determining Corresponding Artinian Rings to Zero-Divisor Graphs
Enumeration of A[lambda]-ice models and strict Gelfand-Tsetlin patterns
Interval Orders with Restrictions on the Interval Lengths
A Homotopy-Theoretic Approach to the Topological Tverberg Conjecture
Overcategories and undercategories of model categories
Functorial CW-approximation